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About Us

Teachers stand with their Principal in a classroom with t-shirts that read We are Parker Farms & We are a TEAM!

Parker Farms School is located on Wallingford's west side, off North Turnpike Road, just a few blocks from the original Parker Farms one-room schoolhouse. It draws students from neighborhoods south to the Masonic Home, north to the Yalesville border, and east to the railroad tracks.

The school has been renovated to add a new library, computer lab, 3 classrooms and 7 offices to the original 21 classroom structure.  The school borders the Yalesville Little League Fields which provide a perfect setting for physical education classes and recess.  Two well-designed playscapes add to the allure of the school grounds for the community.

Parker Farms is home to students of Grades Three through Five.  The challenging curriculum is aligned with the State of CT Curriculum Standards.  Our students’ daily instruction encompasses Morning Meeting, Readers, Writers and Math Workshop models, Science and Social Studies.  Students also have weekly classes in PE, Art, Music, Computer Science, and Spanish.  Band and Chorus are also offered to our most senior students, Grade 5!  In addition, all classrooms have a weekly Second Step lesson (see below).

Our amazing PTO is a collaborative effort between parents from Cook Hill and Parker Farms.  They involve parents with the school through family dances, open houses, and an after-school fitness program.  Their generous financial support has made possible cultural enrichment programs, a summer reading program, and state of the art playground equipment.

Noteworthy Parker Farms initiatives include:

  • Responsive Classroom and Second Step: These initiatives bring together social, emotional and academic learning throughout the school day.  Children develop positive attitudes toward learning, themselves, others and the environment through participation in curricular and extracurricular activities including Responsive Classroom activities, health and social studies lessons and the Second Step curriculum.  Providing an environment for our students to develop an important awareness of being Safe, being Respectful, and being Responsible is at the core of who we are at Parker Farms.
  • Bulldog News Live: Our live video broadcast is run entirely by 5th grade volunteers.  It brings news and announcements into each classroom every morning via the internet.
  • Technology: Our building has a mobile Vidyo video conferencing system, a computer lab with 25 desktops and a Smartboard, as well as interactive Touch-it screens, LCD projectors, and Chromebooks in each classroom!
  • Science/Maker Space: This year, we are very excited to be able to offer our students the opportunity to learn the Next Generation Science Standards in a science classroom.  Classes will visit this room and have an opportunity to work collaboratively with peers or individually to conduct lab investigations, analyze scientific data, communicate their science learning, and participate in science-themed engineering projects where they apply the design thinking they learned in the makerspace room last year.